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About Laser Dentistry

At Greater Houston Pediatric Dentistry, our modern dental laser can treat conditions on the lips, gums and other soft tissues around the teeth

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is simply the use of lasers in dental treatment. Using lasers in dentistry is a preferred alternative to traditional drills or other dental tools and allows for greater precision, efficiency and even a more comfortable experience for the patient. Laser dentistry also allows our dentists to take a more conservative approach to your child's treatment for certain conditions.

What conditions can be treated with laser dentistry?

Our pediatric dentists use laser dentistry for the following conditions and dental procedures:

Oral Pathology - Laser dentistry is a gentle and effective treatment option for ulcers, canker sores, and cold sores. 

Tongue Tie - Tongue ties can cause difficulty with normal functions of infants and children, such as breast-feeding and speech development. The use of lasers in correcting tongue ties allows for a more efficient and precise treatment, and the less invasive approach means faster healing and less discomfort for your child.

Frenectomy - In some children the muscle or tissues attaching the lip to the gumline is too thick (often called a lip tie, which is similar to a tongue tie) and can impact the spacing of the front teeth. Using laser dentistry to perform a frenectomy is a much preferred alternative to a traditional scalpel to correct this condition.

If your child has any of the conditions listed above, please consult with your dentist to determine if laser dentistry is the best treatment option. 

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

When appropriate, your pediatric dentist in Houston may recommend laser dentistry as the preferred treatment option because of it's superiority over other methods. Benefits of laser dentistry compared to other treatments include:

  • Soft tissue treatments with lasers promotes blood clotting and minimizes bleeding

  • Some laser treatments do not require anesthesia

  • Lasers sterilizes the treatment area and reduces the chance of bacterial infection

  • Soft tissue lasers can decrease the need for stitches (sutures)


If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Houston who takes a conservative approach to dental treatment and uses advanced laser dentistry to provide a comfortable and precise treatment option for your child, request an appointment at Greater Houston Pediatric Dentistry today.

Our offices are conveniently located in Katy, Humble, Memorial City (Bunker Hill), and Conroe to serve kids and families across the Houston metroplex. Each of our four dental clinics shares the same commitment to providing every child with the best dental care possible.


Laser Dentistry

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