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Benefits of Visiting the Dentist from a Young Age

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So many adults these days are scared of going to the dentist. While they may not come out and admit this, they do let this feeling play a part in their regular dental care as they fail to make regular appointment or worry about upcoming appointments. Many of these concerns and fears originate with bad experiences at the dentist when the individual was only a child. Children may be scared of the dentist and his or her masked face, or they may have a bad experience with an injection, a cavity, a toothache or a tooth that needs to be pulled. However, all of these neglected appointments only serve to bring down the person’s oral health and even the health of his or her whole body. If you are a parent, you certainly do not want your child experiencing these same fears or growing up to dread going to the dentist. You can work past these problems by finding a kind family dentist who has a specific interest in serving children. Your child’s first trip to the dentist should occur when he or she is quite young. Your dentist may have a specific recommend age, but most children should go for the first time before their first birthday. Here are some ways that you can know whether a dentist will work well for your child. First, check out Greater Houston Pediatric Dentistry. A pediatric dentist provides service only to children, while a family dentist provides service to the entire family and to people of all ages. These dentists are sure to have the warmest and most welcoming environments, especially for the youngest members of the family. Second, see if you can schedule a time to visit the dentist’s office in which you have the most interest and to meet with the pediatric dentist. Many offices schedule appointments like this to allow a fearful child to get used to the office and to the dentist before he or she has the first appointment. This can help your child feel more at ease in the future. If the person you talk to at the office is uncomfortable meeting this request, that is your first clue to move on to another office. The best practitioners will take the time to explain every part of the appointment to your child. Third, examine the atmosphere of the entire office because this will have much to do with allaying your child’s fears. Look for an office with a child-friendly waiting room with colorful decor and plenty for the child to do while waiting. Fourth, when you and your child do meet with the new dentist, monitor your child’s reaction carefully. How does your child interact with the dentist? Does the practitioner seem to have a child-friendly demeanor and explain things in a way that a child could understand? Do hygienists and other practitioners work with your child to make him or her more comfortable during the appointment? While some of these tips may seem small and insignificant, they can actually do much to set your child up for a lifetime of ease and comfort when visiting the dentist, as well as a lifetime of good oral health.


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