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Make a Healthy Resolution for the New Year by Visiting a Pediatric Dentist

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The new year is finally here. It is now the time when most parents lay emphasis on healthy habits for those close to them. Make sure that finding a dental home for your family is at the top of your resolutions this year. This is so especially if you have a kid over 1-year-old. This is the time when kids start to realize that candy is really sweet and want it all the time. Make the first visit to a pediatrician's office memorable for your kid with the checklist below.

Research shows that how you take care of the milk teeth affects how the permanent teeth will end up. Tooth decay in kids affects how they sleep, eat, speak, and concentrate at school. This shows how important it is to start dental visits for your kids at a very young age. With the checklist below, you can rest assured that your kids will love their first visit to a pediatrician's office:

  1. If your kid has never visited a pediatric dentist before, visit him or her occasionally so that the kid gets acquainted with him or her. This way, your kid will get used to the office and the dentist and feel at ease.

  2. Let your kid make some decisions regarding the dental visit. For example, you can let them choose the type and color of the toothbrush.

  3. Make the move to establish your kids' dental home before they turn 1 year old. This is where you will be taking them for all their dental needs. Even if your kids are older than one year, schedule their first visit to the dental clinic, for it is better to be late than never.

  4. Read your kid stories about characters whose first dental visit had a good ending. You can even ask the pediatrician for references.

  5. You should have positive answers to your kid's questions. In addition, be very careful when using scary words in relation to a pediatrician. For example, the words hurt or injured should never come out of your mouth because a first visit and most check-ups don't involve any pain at all. Let the dentist talk more during the visit. By so doing, he or she will be establishing a connection with your kids and make them feel at ease. You will have time to speak to the dentist once the examination is over.


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