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The Type Of Toothpaste You Use Matters

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Some people do not care what brand of toothpaste they buy. Others are completely loyal to their brand and won’t buy any other brand no matter what. Does it really matter? Will buying a specific toothpaste brand be better than buying just any other brand? Houston Pediatric Dentists at Bunker Hill Pediatric Dentistry say that you should consider the type of toothpaste that you will use. Some toothpaste manufacturers claim that their brand can clean teeth better than the others. Are they telling the truth? Your particular oral makeup may also be a factor in choosing the correct type of toothpaste. Your teeth are different from your friend’s. So, if a certain brand of toothpaste makes his teeth look pretty, it doesn’t mean that the same toothpaste will do the same to yours. To keep you better informed, here’s the lowdown on this subject.


Perhaps you or your child have sensitive teeth and you may think that toothpaste for sensitive teeth is your best option. Yes, you may be right. But there’s something you also need to consider. There are many causes for having sensitive teeth. Generally, the toothpaste’s special formulation for sensitive teeth will do. It will block the pain when brushing your teeth and sometimes when you’re eating as well. However, if there is a deeper cause for the greater sensitivity of your teeth, you need to consult a dentist for the right procedure to take.


If the color of your teeth is already off white, and you want to whiten it fast, you need a dental procedure. But that is quite expensive. By using whitening toothpaste, you can still whiten your teeth, but only after a considerable length of time. Most of the whitening toothpastes available over the counter contain a whitening agent. Although they can whiten teeth, they are not for those whose teeth are already excessively stained. Most of these toothpastes are good for cleaning the teeth in between scheduled teeth whitening procedures.


A critical part of taking care of your teeth is plaque removal. When plaque is allowed to remain, it will become tartar. Tartar can only be removed by dental procedure. If you don’t remove the tartar, your teeth will deteriorate. Bacteria will multiply which will then lead to tooth decay. You will have a more serious problem to take care of. The best thing to do is to use toothpaste that offers tartar control.


Most toothpaste makers add fluoride in their ingredients. They claim that fluoride strengthens the enamel of teeth. It helps prevent tooth decay, they say, and recommends it for every day brushing of teeth. Toothpaste with fluoride may also help people who have difficulty in producing saliva because of the medications they are taking.


Looking at the ingredients of the toothpaste and considering the current status of your teeth will help you determine if a certain toothpaste brand is right for you or not. In other words, before you can settle on the right type of toothpaste to use, you have to examine the current state of your teeth and their problem, if there are any.


One last factor that you need to consider is if the toothpaste is approved by the FDA or the ADA. If the tube of toothpaste is stamped with an FDA or ADA approval, then it must be ok to use. The FDA put all consumable items to a number of rigid examinations if they can satisfy their requirements for public safety. It is the same with the ADA. This private organization puts the toothpaste to several tests before they give it their seal of approval.


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